Jiva is a charming Russian girl that dance at the Indian beaches of Goa and sees the Universe as her home. Asia, Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia are those countries among many others where Jiva shines her light through the dance. At the age eighteen Jiva started her career as a professional dancer at the latin dance band “Baila Con Migo” founded by Oliver Parades. Where later she continued as a leading teacher (http://www.baila.ru/).

Later on Jiva discovered the sensual moves of the Bellydance. Next four years she performed and taught Bellydance frequently. After she had graduated from The Russian Academy of Art Jiva found herself at the crossroads: sucsessful artist career or the way of her heart. The same year she left for her dream to India. Being influenced by the incredible Rachel Brice Jiva entered new style of Tribal Fusion through yoga practice and improvisation dance with ethnic live music. Colourful India inspired her to design amasing unique performance costumes. Later in 2007 new project was born “PREMA OM” where Jiva creates misterious dance of her dream. From this moment Jiva starts to perform and teach around the world – France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, India, Thailand, etc. As well Jiva is the leading teacher of the Tribal Fusion Bellydance & Yoga at the international art center “Temple of Dance” (Goa, India). “It’s not the same to know and to do”