Jiva solo dance

Jiva’s solo dance , whether staged or improvisation, will carry you on a journey through a fairy-tale worlds and magical valleys … Mixing different styles in the plastic of body and unique hand-made costumes will open the door to the audience in a bright, sparkling kaleidoscope of impressions, emotions and feelings.

“PREMA OM” perfomance

“PREMA OM” perfomance is the spicy mix of ethno-instrumental music with a modern electronic sound in the souce of the sensual energy of the dance moves and the magic of balance game with cristal spheres… Indians believe that our soul has basic principles – life (Jiva), light (Jyoti) and love (Prema) that gives you the opportunities to percept, move and feel. From where comes the basics of the physical world – light, energy and matter. The nature of the soul has three aspects of the single Divine Unity: the desire to exist, the desire to see and the desire to be happy. Therefore magnetic field of the soul generates life, love and consciousness. Due to existence of these three forces of the soul any living creature has sacred inner desires to have an eternal life, to know the absolute truth and to be happy. The presence of such intentions in you shows that your soul is awaken. PREMA OM is the journey to the faraway places, dreamlands where impossible is possiible. Here you may experience that everything is an illusion and the only limits you have are simply the creation of your mind because our world is an unlimited miracle and mere magic. And everything we let ourselves to believe to lives in us. ” We want to share with everyone our happiness, harmony, inspiration and love”