Sacred tribe

Sacred Tribe – is the author’s method of combining the practice of yoga and dance classes , allowing each woman to maximize reveal her true nature , to find a beautiful , healthy and graceful body , inner harmony , joy, and unleash their creativity.

Yoga brings Yang , masculine energy – logical knowledge , clarity of forms , discipline , responsibility , structure , statics . Dance, on the contrary, is an aspect of the Yin , the female nature – fluidity , mobility, amorphous nature , intuition. Proper combination of these practices provides the most complete results.

If woman is practicing only yoga , she will be missing plastics, grace and femininity in her movements, and on the contrary – dance without preparing the body through the practice of yoga, will be deprived of inner awareness and completeness.

The feature of this method (Sacred Tribe ©) – the emphasis not on the form and the content. As opposed to what we have accustomed, attention is directed not to the outer contours of the body, but on the space inside, and what is constantly happening. Following the breath, we are moving from the inside to the outside, and through a variety of dance techniques (Afro, Latino, Contemporary, Oriental, Tribal Fusion Bellydance …) we will learn to take the physical and mental blocks off to free the body and focus the mind, dance the energy up and pick it up.

Yoga prepares you for a free-form of dance, your dance opens up new experiences and excitement of understanding of what yoga is.

This immersion is a complex approach, built so that begin at the beginning, you can correctly and in a short period of time ( subject to further independent regular practice ) open your body and make it healthy, strong , plastic, and find the ” body awareness .”

Then the music will just flow through and you’ll beсome a dance…

Classes are held in the women’s circle that has the magical power, promotes feminine’s energy recovering , it’s accumulation and further development ! It’s ability to maintain and support , and thus acquire greater integrity and internal harmony.